Students, law students and even practicing lawyers may encounter disciplinary and ethical proceedings instituted by the ethical boards that oversee their conduct. These entities all serve a crucial role in regulating educational standards and maintaining high ethical standards in the practice of law; but all too often, the strict rules and regulations of these entities fail to account for the human element, leaving students and practicing lawyers caught in the middle.

Academic Proceedings

Academic Proceedings can arise from a variety of areas and can include allegations of cheating, misrepresenting information on applications, conduct on or off campus, and even sexual misconduct. Virtually every academic proceeding requires an understanding of the emotions at play and SK&A’s lawyers are equipped with the tools necessary to get the job done.

The process itself can be daunting and actions by the school may range from a relatively harmless hearing to discipline ranging from suspension to expulsion. A negative result can destroy an academic career and derail your future. SK&A understands the massive weight this puts on students and works tirelessly to defend their rights.

Bar Defense and Character and Fitness Clearance

The Florida Bar and the Board of Bar Examiners are the gatekeepers of Florida’s legal profession and each plays a crucial role in regulating its members and protecting the public. However not everyone who is brought up for review under the Florida Bar or Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) is “guilty” of the allegations lodged against them. SK&A’s role in regulating our profession ensures that the rights of law students and attorneys are protected at all times throughout these proceedings.

For any law student applying for admission to the Florida Bar is a trying task and it is absolutely vital that the applicant be honest, accurate, comprehensive, transparent and complete in all of his or her dealings with the FBBE. Each year a multitude of law student applications are held up pending a C&F determination by the FBBE of the applicant’s fitness to practice law. Many of the issues bar applicants encounter center on juvenile arrests or minor offenses, financial matters, academic misconduct from college or law school and substance abuse concerns. When these issues arise in the application, either by voluntary disclosure of discovery by the FBBE’s investigators, C&F clearance is delayed. These delays can set back a student’s legal career for months or even years at a time.

SK&A has a deep understanding of the pressures law students face when appearing before the FBBE. While consulting a lawyer prior to filing the initial application with the Florida Bar is the best way to prevent issues from coming up in the future, it is never too late to seek help from the attorneys at SK&A for your specific FBBE matter.

Clients can be assured their legal matters are in skillful hands at SK&A.

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