An experienced real estate attorney can help pave the way to a successful deed transfer.

Making a change to the deed on a piece of residential property should be done with the assistance of an attorney to avoid running the risk of the deed not being enforceable or recordable.

SK&A attorneys begin by completing a thorough search for the deed with the county recording office, followed up with a consultation to determine the existence of any mortgages or encumbrances on the property. Then those documents are reviewed to identify which if any will prevent the deed transfer or accelerate the debt owed. If all goes well, SK&A will prepare and execute all necessary documents to complete the transfer.

Sellers may consider the potential benefit of inserting deed restrictions into their transfer documents. Buyers would do well to protect themselves by allowing SK&A attorneys to perform a title search to uncover any existing restrictions on the property of interest.

SK&A will analyze the circumstances surrounding the transaction, discern any needs, and review the deed to ensure the propriety and validity of the transfer.

The attorneys at SK&A navigate each and every client through real estate matters with technical expertise and thoughtful, incisive leadership.

Take an enterprising approach to real estate matters with SK&A.

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SK&A’s success comes from its passion for the law and for forging human relationships. Each day, SK&A strives to make deeper connections with its clientele. Putting a face to a name makes each and every case matter and that means SK&A fights hardest for you, not the billable hour.

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“Excellent service! Made the purchase of my new restaurant a very smooth transition. They were there to answer all my questions. I will use them again in a heartbeat in all my future endeavors.”

Carlo Chiarella

Carlo Chiarella

Chef/Owner, Warike Peruvian Bistro

“Great service and professionalism. The SK&A team are very knowledgeable and highly recommend them!”

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Ryan S

“Outstanding advice and counsel that helped me make the right decisions for structuring and growing my startup company.  Recommend to anyone looking for an attorney that will tell it to you like it is. Fair rates too!”

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