SK&A protects the ideas and inventions of individuals, small businesses and corporations.

Far too often, the most valuable assets of a company are left unprotected. These intangibles, known as intellectual property, include original creative works, trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

For inventors, entrepreneurs, creatives, and businesses of all sizes, SK&A protects these valuables from exploitation, navigating clients through the copyright and trademark processes.

SK&A can help with:
  • Determining the availability of a company name or logo
  • Protecting art and content in print and online
  • Drafting license strategies, agreements and transfers
  • Drafting confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-compete and employment agreements

The team also enforces these protections against potential infringement by third parties and engages in litigation and prosecution when necessary.

In most cases, they are able to secure compensation for their clients without having to resort to litigation, saving business owners’ resources and peace of mind.

Protecting brilliant ideas – that’s the business of SK&A.

The SK&A Promise

SK&A will always go above and beyond what is necessary to protect your interests, preserve your investments and guard your future. Your trust is our most important asset.


SK&A wins. Let our experience work for you.

SK&A’s success comes from its passion for the law and for forging human relationships. Each day, SK&A strives to make deeper connections with its clientele. Putting a face to a name makes each and every case matter and that means SK&A fights hardest for you, not the billable hour.

  • A client-centered practice
  • Focus on human connection
  • A history of disrupting “Big Law"
  • Reasonable and flexible fees
  • A team-centered approach
  • A true commitment to excellence


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“Excellent service! Made the purchase of my new restaurant a very smooth transition. They were there to answer all my questions. I will use them again in a heartbeat in all my future endeavors.”

Carlo Chiarella

Carlo Chiarella

Chef/Owner, Warike Peruvian Bistro

“Great service and professionalism. The SK&A team are very knowledgeable and highly recommend them!”

Ryan S

Ryan S

“Outstanding advice and counsel that helped me make the right decisions for structuring and growing my startup company.  Recommend to anyone looking for an attorney that will tell it to you like it is. Fair rates too!”

Legal Memo

Legal Memo